Virtual Girlfriend Jenny – Our First App

Virtual Girlfriend Jenny App For AndroidSo guess what, our first app is now out on the Google Play store!! It’s called Virtual Girlfriend Jenny, and it’s exactly what it ‘says on the tin’!

I’ve put out both a free ‘lite’ version so you can try it out, and a full version for those of you that like what you see and want to go on a full on dating spree with Jenny!

Now this isn’t one of those games you can download and play, you’re not a kid and want big man apps! Alpha male apps to be more precise!!

You can see a preview of what you’ll get here:

What this app does allows you to do is watch a selection of videos from the steaming hot Jenny Nelson! Now guys, believe me when I saw I went through a lot of trouble to get you this hotty, but it was well worth it!

But anyway, enough talk. This is the first of many apps, so you may want to check it out. Send me an email with what kind of thing you’d want to see in the next app. I’m up for hearing your views.

Mr Alpha.

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